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We’ve just come out of lockdown as I write this, and the poor old Aucklanders are still in level 4, so there hasn’t been much hunting done lately!

All our mid-winter trips had to be canned and now the Red stags have cast their antlers, but we’re hoping to squeeze in a Fallow hunt before they too drop in October. 

I had thought that most people who are endangering the future of hunting in New Zealand are outside of the hunting sector but unfortunately, that is not the case. I have been absolutely flabbergasted by some of the vitriolic stuff we’ve seen and heard recently that has come from within a small minority in the hunting sector aimed at the dedicated groups of volunteers that give freely of their time to try and make hunting better for all of us. Normally I would not bother to give this sort of stuff any further airtime but some of it crosses way over the line of just opposing views and healthy debate.

To give you some examples of the sort of damaging rubbish that has come to my attention in the last few months: 

  • Threats made against the FWF and even their family members that ended up with the police having to get involved. 
  • Continual accusations of ballot rigging and impropriety by FWF members, some by people who were pretty good at bending the rules themselves. 
  • Baseless accusations regarding the real science being used to further game animal management, including Cam Speedy’s excellent common sense work for both the Wapiti and Sika Foundations. 

Unfortunately, most of this occurs on social media where any keyboard warrior or social media troll can say anything they like. Constructive debate is always welcome and healthy and if you feel you really do have an issue that needs sorting for the future of hunting and game animals, then write a letter to, or front at one of the meetings of, the respective group in person. Raising legitimate concerns in a forum where they can be taken seriously and dealt with constructively is much more productive than having some social media rant. 

However, it has not stopped there and we have even seen people ringing around behind the scenes stirring up trouble. Even worse are those trying to destabilise our leading examples of hunter game animal management by complaining to DoC hierarchy for their own selfish ends. It seems they care little about how potentially damaging they are being to the future of hunting in NZ but are in it for what they can get personally and in some cases for their own financial gain. 

To put it bluntly, if you feel you have issues with anything any of these volunteer organisations are doing, I ask you first to have a good look in the mirror and have a long hard think about whether what you are doing/planning to do about it is going to be beneficial for the future of hunting and game animals in NZ. If it is not, then for all our sakes please don’t do it!

We should all be trying to give something back to those who have been selflessly fighting for all of us with so little thanks or public recognition. They are all volunteers who have given hundreds/thousands of hours and in some cases whole lifetimes working for the betterment of hunting and game animals. We all know it is hard enough getting people to do voluntary tasks these days and we should all consider joining one of these groups, learning from the inside how things work, and work constructively to change things if you think they could be done better. Become a giver, not just a taker!

To end on a more positive note, hopefully Covid will allow the Sika Show to go ahead at Mystery Creek on the 20th of November, and we can see you all there!

The winners for last issue are Tom Wright and Pat Fuller. The logos were on the SR Marston Sig Sauer advert page 15 and Stager Sport Spartan advert page 68.


In this issue:

  • Whitewater Wapiti – and adventure from Mitch Thorn and Co.
  • Ngaire Dampney’s first chamois hunt, a step outside the comfort zone
  • Two Nights in Q Creek by Tom Fraser
  • Laurence Forrest’s Blueprint Success
  • What Camera Should I Buy? Part 4 – DSLR or Mirrorless? Full Frame or Crop Sensor?
  • Boaring Obsession by Logan Taylor
  • Greig Caigou returns with Hunt Lighter – Get Ready
  • Hannah Rae – How To Write An Article
  • Matt Winter’s Series on Native Plants - Lancewood
  • Carbs – Part Two of a Nutrition Series by Michael McCormack
  • Spring Meat by Cam Mckay
  • Pell Stream Hut – Permolat
  • Alaska Mosse and Black Bear by Tyron Southward
  • Hard Labour With The Boss by Tracey Morrow
  • Seared Goose with fermented Carrot Salad and Celeriac Puree by Richard Hingston

Test Fires: We Evaluate...

  • Ecoflow River Power Station
  • Longshot Target Camera
  • FirstLite Sawbuck Pant

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