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Similar to the creation of NZ Hunter Magazine, Greg and Willie saw an opportunity, held a vision and backed themselves that they could make it happen.

With a belief that no TV shows were capturing the true magnificence that New Zealand’s mountains and game animals had to offer, nor the real essence of wilderness hunting in New Zealand, they set about changing it. Familiar with cameras having produced popular hunting DVDs, but with no TV contract or sponsors, they embarked on a 12 month journey. They climbed and explored New Zealand’s mountains and wetlands to capture never before seen footage of a wide range of game animals in some truly incredible places. With the stunning result for Season 1 in the can and a belief that it must go on free to view TV, they worked hard to get a TV contract and sponsors to make the show happen.

Season 1 aired on Choice TV March/April 2015, and Season 2 goes to air February 10, 2016.

The adventure is about to begin again, so watch this space!



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Did you know you can now View our TV Show Trailers on Our Youtube Channel?

While Season 3 is due to go to air on the 1st of February you can always view our trailers and any other additional footage released on the NZ Hunter Adventures Youtube Channel.  This resource will grow over time - take a look.


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Starting from the 1st of February 2017 you should Watch Choice TV every Wednesday night at 8.30pm

Season 3 of the NZ Hunter Adventures TV Show is coming to Choice TV every Wednesday night at 8.30pm from the 1st of February 2017 - 10 one hour long episodes


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