Greg Duley

Greg is one of the most passionate hunters you could ever meet; he is one of the most well-known NZ hunting personalities with huge credibility and anyone who knows him soon appreciates that hunting and the mountains are his life.

Since learning to bush stalk self-taught in the Kaweka Ranges as a teenager, he has gone on to become a jack of all trades. He is highly competent in all aspects of hunting across NZ whether it be in the mountains hunting big game with rifle, bow or camera; on the water chasing waterfowl, or on the range building and shooting custom hunting rifles. His career seemed to follow a similar jack of all trades theme, having been a farmer, shearer, fencer, ag contractor, orchardist, viticulturist, writer and hunting guide all at the same time, before leaving them all behind seven years ago to start the successful NZ Hunter Magazine - which has gone on to be the number one selling outdoor magazine in the country. Greg fronts the TV show as the old hand with a vast knowledge of hunting and the NZ wilderness, and his goal is to showcase to the NZ public the magnificence on offer in our wilds - if only you are prepared to lose a bit of sweat!



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